The Perception of a Difference Program™

The Perception of a Difference Program

Restarts your company, profits, growth

The Goal

To shape your company into a selling and servicing team that provides lifetime customers with first quality products, systems, service and advice and has fun doing it. Profit and stability will be automatic when this goal is achieved on a continuing basis.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of The Perception of a Difference Program stands on three conceptual legs. When all three are maintained so they are equally strong, your company cannot be easily tipped over.

The Perception of A Difference Program provides the following benefits:

  • It provides knowledge of the selling, serving process as a whole, and when, how each person will carry the ball with their expertise
  • Long term success, profit and both personal and corporate satisfaction result from consultive selling and serving by people who understand the continuing educational process it requires.
  • The methodology creates awareness of the perception of a difference, its powerful effect on every person we talk and work with, and making this awareness habitually effective in everything your company does.

These three conceptual legs enable your company to make good first impressions and develop long lasting and profitable relationships with customers.

First, everyone in your company is part of the selling and serving process. Each team member has several areas of expertise which come into play with customers and prospects at appropriate times in the selling and serving process. It is analogous to team sports wherein sooner or later each team member is in the position to pick up and advance the ball toward the end zone or shoot a basket. To do this successfully every team member must know and understand the rules and how the game is played as a whole.

Second, long term success, profit and both personal and corporate satisfaction result from consultive selling and understanding the education process inherent within it. No one will buy from a person they do not like and trust. Liking or disliking a person or business is based on the perception that forms on first contact. That perception is reinforced or weakened during each subsequent contact. This perception of a difference process gives the Program its name.

Third, everyone in a company is involved in the perception of a difference and selling process; consistency is vital to both.Consistency is best achieved when doing and saying the right things in the right way becomes part of your normal behavior, i.e. habitual.

“You have permanently changed the behavior of my people and me.”

The program methodology identifies required steps, the sequence in which they are completed and when they should occur. Each step is a workshop customized to the needs of the individuals in the group in relation to the goals of your company. The customization relates each workshop subject to the perception of a difference you desire to create.

The timing of workshops has a strong role in the process of turning the concept into habitual behavior. The optimum time between workshops is two to three months in the first 12 to 14 months of the program. This interval provides time to practice what is absorbed in the workshop, yet is short enough to maintain continuity.

After several workshops,maintenance of your perception of a difference becomes integral to every conversation, demonstration, presentation, letter, proposal, sales and service call involving your team. Everyone knows how to apply it in any situation.

Everyone in your company is involved in the selling/serving process.

Invest one hour with us:

  • You will gain a new insight that will help your company
  • You will get one fact that will help your sales
  • You will learn something useful about yourself

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May 30, 2017

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