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“The Perception of a Difference,” by Wesley W. Zimmerman

“I have been in Marketing for twenty years and didn’t know what it really is until I read this book. I read the chapters on marketing first, now I’m reading the chapters on selling.”
R. O. Marketing Coordinator

“This isn’t a book – it is a conversation with the author” fully describes the experience of reading it.

“When I asked the 27 questions I knew what I needed to do.
This saved my company thousands of dollars in needless mistakes and put us on a positive path to realizing our goals.”

“Your only job security is what you have between your two ears.”

“This read is a marvelous instructional piece on the method and art of selling authored by a exceptional story teller in a style that is comfortable to read and just plain fun. Take note on the focus of relationships and providing exceptional service to the client. The take away that must not be forgotten is customers buy from people they “like”. This little red book is a must for the professional salesperson that has “forgotten” why a client buys a product or service to begin with. Get it, read it, live it and love it. You will find yourself opening it up over and over again. The best money I ever spent.
Steven Bocker

“This book is about life. I have a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management, I owned a restaurant for many years, now I manage what I think of as a neighborhood produce store and what I see in your book is life as it really is.”
Supermarket Produce Manager

“This isn’t a book; it’s a conversation with the author. I now know why our core customers keep coming back. It has nothing to do with posters announcing our new products; it is the people that serve the customers.”
J. Black, Branch Bank Manager

“I just read my sister’s copy of your book and I liked it. I have been selling most of my life and see in it what I have been doing right. I also have learned many things I will do that will make it easier and more fun and I’ll land more sales. Please send a copy to my home address in Minnesota with an invoice. I want my own copy and want to show it to my cohorts.”
D. Hickler, Seed Sales to farmers

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“The Perception of a Difference,” by Wesley W. Zimmerman

Imagine yourself sitting with a master teacher, who answers your questions with true stories that hold you until you realize they have given you the insight needed to handle a current challenge. These stories seemingly carry you through the life of a person, moving from sales school to sales professional then branch management to corporate marketing. The journey begins with buying, moves to the true role of marketing from product idea to world wide sales, with customer care as the integral sustaining force.

I have been in Marketing for twenty years and didn’t know what it really is until I read this book. I read the chapters on marketing first, now I’m reading the chapters on selling.”
R. O. Marketing Coordinator

“This isn’t a book – it is a conversation with the author” fully describes the experience of reading it. You may experience it yourself by reading the first chapter, which follows below.

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“Wes, I made my first sales call for the company I invested in recently”

“How did it go?”

“Just like the story in the book, the one about the Plant Company. Our products serve a similar purpose, which I realized when I read the story the first time. I practically memorized that story and when I used the approach yesterday it made the prospect think about the image they want to create for customers and employees. In making the phone call to get the appointment, I used insights I gained from several of the stories in the book. It was the first cold appointment call I’ve ever made. The book has paid for itself.

“You’ve read it more than once?”

“Twice from cover to cover and parts of it several times more. It is a reference.”
Peter M.

“This book will change your life. It’s changing mine.”
Phil C.

“I’ve read about a third of your book and find it very interesting. It is a book that you want to go back to. My intention was to send it to my son but I will read it myself first.”
A. R.

“Your book has saved my marriage.”
A. N.

“What do I think of your book?
First, it is very well written. Second, it is interesting enough to make me want to read more. I did not expect that, but I have it on my desk and reach for it often. I’m about half way through it. I want to pay you for it.”
T. H.

“The cover of your book is outstanding; the color and title draw me in, the cloth is rich and the book feels good in my hands. The dimensions are just the right size for me. I’m reading my wife’s copy and want you to know what I like about it beyond the fact that it is extremely interesting.”
Bruce T.

“I just finished chapter three and want you to know it is terrific. It made me feel good because we did it the same way in our company and it worked. We didn’t have your book to guide us but we did essentially all of these things. Now I know why it worked.
Roger B.

A week later Roger commented further.

“Wes, I finished reading your book on Thursday. It was a wonderful experience. The buying a can of beans and the soup story are two things I will remember forever; talk about reality and too many choices, these really tell it the way it is. The other thing that is true is the statement of the person who told you “you write the way you talk.” You do and that makes it a conversation. I know I will read the book again and again.”

“I read the book on Saturday and enjoyed it. The first part is sort of academic but after chapter three I could not lay it down. The stories are so interesting and enjoyable, that I stayed in my chair until I’d read the whole book. I was sorry it had ended. I hate to admit this but I learned some things I wish I had known thirty years ago. I want six more to go with the seven copies I received last Friday. I want to give them to my managers, sons, friends and people who will benefit from reading the book.”
Mike W.

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“Mr. Zimmerman
Bought your book and what a great read. Common sense, i.e. what life is all about and you put it into perspective with life.  Thanks for writing it, it’s great.”
Russ Craft, Veteran furniture store sales associate

“This book is filled with insights on every page. They form in your mind as you read. It is fantastic.”  “I Use It As A Reference”
Kathleen C.

Today I had coffee with Richard Deems, a veteran consultant; he is gaining wide recognition for helping executives manage change caused by mergers or downsizing. It has been two months since he got the book. Today he excitedly told me about his latest big consulting engagement and about the fact that he almost has more business than he can handle.

“Wes, your book is responsible for this. The appointment getting approach in the book works unfailingly and the first call questions are fabulous. All I had to learn to do was keep my mouth shut and let the other person talk while I write what he is saying.”

He reached for the book, which I had not noticed him bring into the restaurant. It has post-its sticking out all over. He used one to open the book to something he wanted to read to me.

“I carry this around all the time. It is a reference and I share it with clients. I like the dimensions, just the right size, it feels good in the hands and the cloth gives it class.”

He had not mentioned it so I pointed out that it lays flat.

“Yes, that is something I also really like.”

He has written many books and seems more excited about The Perception Of A Difference than any of his own.

Your book…made me rethink

“Wes; got into the bowels of your book over the weekend, so to speak.

As I move forward with our new service product, I will be incorporating many of your ideas into our upcoming program, especially in seeing our future business from the buyer’s eyes, as per your suggestion. Your book has really made me rethink our marketing and sales process at this critical juncture.”
Ray J.

“More about that later but now, on to your book!

It’s absolutely wonderful! Or, is it great because we think so much alike? Being a curious person, I have read almost every sales book written. I believe I’ve gotten at least one thing out of each of those books but this is the first book I’ve read that ‘really gets it’. For years, I have been giving the bible of sales books, “How to win friends and influence people”, by Dale Carnegie, to people I have worked with as a gift to help make them successful. Now I have a book that states a lot of the same philosophy in a ‘state of the art’ and current format for today’s selling experience. You did a great job and the stories were invaluable.
What makes your book unique is the fact that although I hear about customer care/service a lot, I really haven’t seen the point emphasized as well as you did in this book. Companies, supervisors, sales people talk a good game when it comes to customer service but fall way short of the mark when they try to practice it.”
David Horning

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“Mr. Zimmerman: Your book has integrity. That makes it worth reading.”
Daniel R. (recent grad. starting a business.)

“I have been selling, teaching and training others to sell all my life. I now make my living doing sales training and sales education. I have read hundreds of books on selling and kept only two. Yours is the third one I will keep because it tells the truth about what selling really is and should be. I will be quoting from it and telling clients to buy it from now on.”
Bruce B.

“I enjoyed your book, the stories are inspiring”
Larry J.

“When I picked up your book in the hotel gift shop the back cover really got my attention. I wondered how someone could give fifty families work for five months. On the flight home I read that story in the first chapter: It made me proud to be a salesman.”
Irvine CA reader

“This book is not a textbook: I thought it would at least read like one. It does not “tell” me to do anything, but there is value in every page: Ideas, things that I am applying in my work and life everyday; they form in my mind… it’s wonderful, exciting and it’s fun to read.”
Valerie, Bank Branch, Customer Service Manager

I love this book; it’s like sitting down and having a conversation. “I don’t consider your examples to be “War Stories” because they all have a sales or customer service related point.” Selling done the way the people in this book did it sometimes seems to be a lost art. Researching the prospect before the first call is so easy now with the Internet and so few people do it. It saves time and gives you credibility. It creates the perception of a difference. This book can make you a professional in sales. I’ve loved sales all my life and this is what it is all about.
R. T. Smith.
(Paraphrased from two phone conversations & an email.)

“I love your book. I bought it in a coffee shop. It is a wonderful and useful book.”

“I have been in Marketing for twenty years and didn’t know what it really is until I read this book. I read the chapters on marketing first, now I’m reading the chapters on selling.”
R. O. Marketing Coordinator

“This book is like the Bible. My grandmother said she had read the Bible three times in her lifetime. I’ve read the bible twice and go back to it regularly. I have read this book two times and am reading it again. This book is like the Bible; you learn something every time you read it.”
T. Business Counselor

Dear Mr. Zimmerman;
As someone who used to teach graduate and undergraduate math, physics, and business for fun, I’ve read plenty of textbooks. As a business owner for almost 10 years and while getting my MBA I’ve read LOTS of sales and marketing books. And in my current life as a Certified Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming and as a Certified Hypnotherapist I work with hundreds of salespeople each year. I have now read Perception of a Difference cover to cover – twice.

What you have put together here is one of the best books I have ever read about sales, marketing, and customer service. Even better it is one of the few books that actually explains and teaches the philosophical basis behind each of these disciplines. Thus this book actually will complement and enhance ANY set of techniques on the market today.

The book accomplishes this using the most powerful teaching tool we know of – the story. In the therapeutic realm the use of story and metaphor lets a person take complete control of their situation and make the changes needed in a very easy way. In the sales world a salesperson’s stories illustrate how others have used a product or service and (when used
correctly) increases rapport between the salesperson and the prospect. This book shows that yours is the hand of a master storyteller and a master teacher.

With the possible exception of several therapeutic texts I have read, the only other books that use metaphor this well are the great spiritual guideposts; the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, and the Hindu Vedas. At times I was even consciously aware of the shifts in perception and the resulting changes in approach and beliefs about these subjects.

You have put into words and on the paper of one small, easy to read book a lifetime’s worth of trainings and learning’s. And by absorbing the learning’s inherent in this book everyone will have absorbed the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of an excellent practitioner of the arts of sales, marketing, and customer service.

In short, this book is so good that I’d like to adopt it as the standard textbook for all of the sales trainings and marketing trainings that I will be conducting as we go out into the future.

John J. Strasser C.Ht.
Certified Trainer NLP, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis”

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