Golden Principle

In business and life, always think about what is best for the other person and do not give him or her anything less, then your wallet and your heart will always be full.


Inherent in this is honesty, the desire to sell quality products, to give empathic and understanding service, and…

When you do this you will automatically be perceived as positively different. Maintaining and strengthening this Perception Of A Difference (POD) will be your great strength.

When practiced consistently The Golden Principle builds a powerful, positive reputation. It is simple and easy to remember, but insidiously difficult to practice in a company. Difficult because your “company” is all the individuals working within it. The golden principle must be practiced by every one of those individuals, particularly those at the top of the organization, for what they demonstrate in action and policy, will be practiced by everyone reporting to them.


The Golden Principle is the standard by which we measure everything we do as members of 7one Business Success System. We choose associates, who have demonstrated, in their work history, that they practice this and make it their own standard. This is an assurance to you as you consider using our programs and workshops.


The Golden Principle is woven into the fabric of every workshop you attend so it becomes a part of your Perception Of A Difference. Your success becomes automatic when everything you do is measured against the Perception Of A Difference and The Golden Principle. It must become a part of your thinking, a source of the insights that guide your marketing, selling and customer relationships.