Business Management

Since 1983 WZA, Inc. has worked with over 120 businesses in 8 countries and our track record speaks for itself.

  • We rejuvenate businesses without managing them.
  • We manage and build companies so the founders can do something new with continuing income.
  • We create start-up companies to bring new, useful products and ideas to life and profit.
  • We assist with identifying, negotiating arrangements and securing financing for new products and ideas.
  • We will construct your exit strategy that protects all parties.
  • We will develop and organize a Business Plan that is accurate and executable.
  • Our EmployRight methodology has proven invaluable in placing team members at all levels.
  • Our workshops, seminars, and training programs have been developed over our entire history and coupled with our teaching methodologies and presentations have delivered results every single time.

While each of our clients has been unique in their own right they have had several important things in common. Each of them has had very good products, ideas, or services to offer. Each client has also had one to many challenges.

Every rejuvenation project has shown different symptoms which were identified by management as difficulties.  Our techniques and methods for working with them to identify or confirm their suspicions resulted in identification of the specific problem or problems! Success has followed when problems were removed or resolved or personnel were re-educated, re-positioned or choose to leave.