“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

-Edwin H. Land

Blog # 505 …8/11/2019

(Previously posted 2/8/2010)

You Build Your Legacy Without Realizing It

Life experiences push us to do things we have not thought of; writing this is the result of such an experience. The past year has been one filled with personal effort and wonderful people. I have had the joy of being able to help others grow through this “Great Recession” and be helped by them in turn. It has been deeply satisfying to share stories and insights from my life experiences in DVDs, Blogs, Java Inspiration & Networking on Thursdays and see others succeed as a result.

Amy and I celebrated our 60th anniversary of life together last week. We wanted to share our joy with our family and as many friends as desired to join us. It was a week filled with tension, expectation, love, laughter, tears of joy; much as our wedding had been. It was also a humbling experience.

On Sunday morning, after all the wine and fun of the night before, I walked across the street to thank our neighbor for being there…

“How many people came, Wes?”

“55 adults in addition to 20 of our family members.”

“I talked with enough of them to know they came from different walks of life, careers, and their reasons for being there. They came to honor and show their respect. They had one thing in common; you or Amy and you, have made a positive difference in their lives. That says a great deal about you.You’ve been honest and consistent in life and in marriage.”

“We’ve known some of them for more than thirty years and some only a few months. It has been fun and rewarding, I guess we’ve learned from each of them.”

“Yes, and I bet you can’t remember or knew when or how you were affecting their lives.”

That started me thinking… It’s true.

You build your legacy without realizing it.

When Amy and I opened the cards people had left in the basket, we found many with handwritten messages;

“you have been an inspiration to us.”

“First service at church is not complete without you two in the second row.”

“you are an example to others of how to be happy and useful.”

These are only three of many with the same thought. As a couple loving and treasuring each other, we have done nothing special, to us, to create these feelings.

Individually, we have made an impact on others in the same way. Many times I’ve been told that “Amy changed my life.” I am aware that I have individually made a difference to others, always without being aware of it and certainly not by planning it.

When we started our life together, we did not think of it as a marathon, or an effort to break a record. We did it because we liked each other and had fun together. In our separate careers it has been the same. In our separate jobs we do what we like and have fun doing. We are humbled yet pleased to know we have made a difference.

As I read what I have just written I am moved to highlight the key words our neighbor said on Sunday morning.

Go Thou and Do likewise.

You build your legacy without realizing it.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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