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Blog # 502 …7/21/2019

Listen, Write Notes!

Successful Salespeople Listen and Write Notes

My Dad was a superb consultive salesperson.  I did not plan on being a salesman in my teen years when I worked with him. I did not realize how much I was learning. Because I was young and only along for the ride, I had to listen while he talked with prospects and customers.  If I had talked, I would have been banished from going with him, so I just listened.

Dad always began by listening. If the prospect did not begin a conversation Dad would do it by asking questions.  He wrote the answers on a note pad; back in the car he would add things to what he had written while things were fresh in his mind. More than once he told me, when you put your mouth in gear your ears are automatically shut off.  My experience has proven the truth of Dad’s statement. 

There is an interlock in our minds that makes us concentrate on what we are saying and prevents us from being interrupted by our ears. The interlock does not prevent us from listening and writing.  In fact, when we write notes as the other person is speaking, we remember what they said, far better.  Our mind processes and underlines the access keys to where it has been stored.  When Dad cleaned up his notes, he was strengthening synapses in his mind, which made it easier for him to remember and use the information when he did want to talk.

Years of selling, teaching and helping sales professionals have given me an insight to share with you.  When you ask questions on the first selling appointment, listen without talking and write the answers. Include notations telling you how the person answered, the tone of voice and force. In doing this you are learning and are enabling your prospect to learn; to put things in perspective and understand her/his needs in a way that creates new insights in his mind. These insights are your value add on that call. You have made the time with you valuable. Now end the call.

End it without commenting on what she/he has said, without talking about your product and what it will do for them. Just say, can we meet again at this time on (a date in two weeks which fits your schedule) thank them for their time and leave. Listen, write, give them time to think and digest the insights you have created, and you increase the number of sales you can make in a year. 


Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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