“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.”

-Ivan Turgenev

Blog # 506 …8/18/2019

(Previously posted 3/8/2010)

Are People Important To You?

This week I listened to two conversations in which one person was describing an experience in which they were attempting to buy a product or service and a third describing past buying experiences. If you are physician, a specialty retailer, auto or truck retailer, these will give you pause for thought.

“I know he is supposed to be the best surgeon for what I need, but he acts and talks as though he is God. The God I know does not tell me with actions, that he already knows my problem and the answers; he listens and pauses as though he is thinking and then speaks. I am asking my doctor to suggest another surgeon.”

She went on to name the surgeon and problem she needs help with.

* * *

“I’m getting married, the date has been set. My college friend, my mother and grandmother and I, went out last Saturday looking for a wedding dress. We went to five stores and drove almost 200 miles.

“The first store had beautiful dresses; the owner apparently thought I wasn’t good enough to buy from her.

“The second store communicated a lack of enthusiasm, about us, the store and weddings in general. We left without asking if the owner was available.

“The third store had one dress that was lovely on me. The owner was patient, enthusiastic about me, helped me try on twelve dresses. She hesitated when I asked, then agreed to hold “the one” for a day or two while I looked at others. She did it with asking for a deposit; she trusted me, knew I really liked it and her.

“We drove a lot, tried on twenty or so dresses in each of two more stores. I didn’t like the people in either one and did not see a dress I liked. We stopped for lunch and talked about what to do next. I decided, we went back to the third store, she had held it for me. I tried it on again, I felt good about the store, the dress and bought it.”

* * *

“We have purchased three cars from the same sales team. We followed the two when the dealer they were with retired. The auto company would not allow transfer of the franchise to a new owner, so they moved to another dealer operation. We trust them to know an honest dealer operation and give our maintenance and oil changes to the dealer they are with.”

Now tell me again, are people important you? How Important?

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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