7one 3, 3, 1

In the excitement of starting, building, growing a business, it is easy to forget one single truth: The business is not what you or I do, it is what the people that we ask to join us, do. They are the business, we owners, CEO’s are not. They make the difference between success and failure.

When they are proud of themselves-
Proud of their peers-
Proud of their workplace-
Proud of their company/organization-

They create a powerful perception of a desirable difference
That customers and prospects feel and enjoy.

This is what 7one accomplishes for you and your people.
success principles

The first 3 components of the Seven Success Principles are the
Business Arch,™ the 27 Questions, and the Golden Principle.


The 4th, 5th and 6th components of the Seven Success
Principles are basic attitudes for success.


The 7th component of the Seven Success Principles
is The One Difference each of us makes with
everything we do.