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Welcome to your first stop on your way to Wes Zimmerman’s Wisdom on video. Find out about the master mind behind the Zingers and then view a few of his many stories from four different categories. 

Just click on any title below to view Wes and get acquainted with some of his Zingers.  Look for a new Zinger to be added each week.  To subscribe click on the Register/Subscribe link below.


Intro To Wes Zimmerman
Six Salads All Over My Head (Customer Care)
Why Should I Give You One Hour of My Time? (Sales)
Small Lies Can…… (Ethics)
He’s Bugging The S___ Out of You (Spiritual)

The names depicted in the stories are drawn from Wes Zimmerman’s children and their descendents and have no relation to the actual people in any story. 



Deliberate Selling© Series

Deliberate Selling© is powerful for closing/landing sales.  It cannot be explained in words but when you see it you know exactly how to do it.  Subscribe and then click on Deliberate Selling© series to see it in action

Story Title  (Target Business)                                                 

He Was Blocking the Door (Retail Sales)
I Deliberately Put On My Gloves
What if I Say Yes? (Corporate IT Group)
He Very Deliberately Crossed Them Off (Electric Utility IT Dept)
Warren Here (Hiring Interview)

In each of the above, making the correct buying decision was very important to the buyer and in two of the instances it was the first face-to-face meeting of buyer and seller which resulted in a signed order.  This is the power of Deliberate Selling©.



 Newest Zinger:  They Built in Customer Care

See how marketing, working with engineering, built customer care into their product.


Zinger Categories

Business Owner

Building Your Reputation


Customer Care

Educational Process


Golden Principle

Growing Your Business

In Transition

Leadership – Other

Leadership – Sales Team




Personal Growth

Pricing Your Product

Respect, Honesty, Trust


Self Improvement


Value In Experience