7one Video Series Introduction

 Zimmerman’s Zingers


Wes shares 65+ years of sales and life experiences in this series.  Click here or Register below to see free Zingers.  The Series contains an ever growing number of true stories typically four to ten minutes in viewing time.


Zimmerman Zingers began as a way to help sales people in one of the major computer manufacturers.  Click:  How to Use the Zingers.

The content of a given Zinger can apply to several of the 21 subject categories.  There are currently 46 Zingers, growing at a rate of one story per week.


Subscribe for $9.97 a month.  Automatically renewed and charged to your credit card until you specifically stop it.   Your subscription includes access to longer Zingers, workshops recorded live, and conference presentations which will be available later.  Longer Zingers are presented in segments not exceeding 29 minutes viewing time.


You may view the Zingers as frequently as you wish during the life of your subscriptionUse them in sales meetings, team training sessions, anytime they will enrich your presentations.  Credit Wes Zimmerman when quoting or paraphrasing.


NOTE:  Your subscription can be taken as an educational/ business expense deduction on your taxes.