How to Use the Zingers

How to Use the Zingers

Zimmerman Zingers began as a way to help sales people in one of the major computer manufacturers.  Wes Zimmerman had come into headquarters marketing after great success as a salesperson and Branch Sales Manager.  His purpose was to pass on to others in the sales force, what he had experienced so they could succeed as well as he had.

In 1971 Wes wrote two examples, asked the Manager of Marketing to read and comment on them.  “These are great.  Call them Zimmerman’s Zingers, send them to everyone in the sales team, worldwide and print them on pink paper so they won’t get lost in the weekly mailbag.  Don’t ask me for approval, just write what you believe is right and I will protect your back if anyone screams.”  Only 300 plus copies were printed at the start.

No one screamed.  Sometimes there would be one Zinger a week, sometimes one in a month.  They became the most widely read publication in the corporation with 10,000 plus copies per issue.

Wes has published them in some form ever since.  They are now 4 to 9 minute professionally recorded videos.  They always contain a true experience to make the message easy to remember and apply.

“Wes, I have every Zinger you have published; cross referenced and categorized.  I use them in weekly sales meetings.  I use them to help individual sales people; when one tells me about a sales situation, I quickly find a Zinger or two with a similar situation; when we have read or watched them we find a better way to solve the sales person’s problem.”

            Veteran Sales Manage

“I watch every new addition to the library.  I find meaning and usefulness in them even when they don’t directly apply to my current work.”

Entrepreneur Business Owner

The Zingers are written to help you create new insights, trigger ideas, or just to put some life into a presentation with duel but necessary subject matter.

  • Embed a Zinger in your PowerPoint presentation
  • Use a Zinger as the basis for discussion of a current problem
  • Count the number of different situations  each one applies to
  • Look for the hidden lessons in each Zinger
  • Compare your recent experience to that in the Zinger

These are the ways Zimmerman’s Zingers enrich your life and build your sales.

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