“Your actions, and your actions alone, determine your worth.”

– Evelyn Waugh





When Will The Lying Stop?

Downsizing is Lying.  It was when it began as a way to reduce labor costs by laying off (offering early retirement) to high seniority (older, high paid) employees.  They were replaced by much younger, lower paid, and inexperienced people.

This backfired when it was realized the seniors had knowledge needed to run the old company. The seniors formed businesses and cashed in.

This morning the “news” is about downsizing of packages without reducing price by using new package/bottle designs, shapes, colors. It is the way Selfish Cowards hide price increases, so we won’t create an uproar.  It is done by almost all manufacturers (no collusion of course) so we cannot switch brands to protect ourselves. Also, computers now have all the knowledge stored in them.

When will the lying stop?

Nuff Said !!! 

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