“I’m not interested in my legacy.  I made up a word: ‘live-acy’.  I’m more interested in living.”

– John Glenn





Why Not Tell Me?

Our toaster finally died.  We mourned its passing, then went to Amazon, looked at several, chose a Black & Decker, because the description showed a “bagel” button. The old one toasted Bagels on one side with its “bagel” button. This one toasts on both sides of the bagel!!!  

 Why Not Tell Me?

 Amazon will accept it as a return, however, when we have completed the return effort, we will actually receive about one third, (33%) or what we paid, including shipping.

 Why Not Tell Me?

We will keep it for now. After we find a replacement with a proper (for us) bagel function, we will give this one to a thrift store. We will not buy a new one from Amazon, we will pay more and we have already canceled our Amazon Prime account.

Nuff Said !!! 

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