“Speak to make yourself happy, don’t speak to impress others.”


Blog # 485 …3/10/2019

“Who & What You Are & Are Happy With It” – 4 in Series

Love is what I “am”, is not the whole description of what I am.

Yes, I am this, combined with core knowledge that I cannot love without total honesty. I must be honest with myself, I cannot inflate my strengths, goodness, and deflate my weakness. I must accept the truth as I know it now and accept the fact that the truth must be based on my perception of the facts, NOW. To refuse to accept facts that keep the Truth relevant, ends my usefulness to The Spirit and all humans.

If you were taught that skin color makes white skin humans superior and that being male gives you the right to put down, bully, rape females is the truth and refuse to accept the fact that this is not true, you are not useful to The Spirit and other humans. You will never be happy, content within yourself; no matter what position you hold, Quarterback, team owner, CEO, President, you will go to the grave, unfulfilled, unhappy !!!

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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