“Impression is for the now, trust is for the future.”


Blog # 483 …2/24/2019

“Who & What You Are & Are Happy With It” – 2 in Series

Let’s consider the first of five keys;

It is part of how I react to what I Feel, as I see, hear, life happening around me.

The key word here is Feel because we react when we feel. It is the trigger to action, even before we think consciously. Think about it and you will agree. We feel energy, we react differently to negative than positive, we know the difference.

Energy always flows negative to positive and is absorbed.

“I am better than most and equal to the rest” is positive. It was deep in Dad’s mind.  It enabled him to react positively when he felt negative energy. His positive reaction absorbed the negative energy, giving him time to think. He was always in control, able to do his best, knowing “somewhere there is someone better than me” in their given talent.

He knew he was in control of himself, was doing his best, was happy with himself as an adult male.

I am better than most  and equal to the rest, but somewhere there is someone better than me. 

Believing, feeling, knowing this to be true, means that I am able to love others because I humbly love myself . . . ME!

Repeat this over and over for happiness.                                   

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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