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-Gen. George S. Patton

Blog # 489 …4/7/2019

What Is Love?

When I asked my sweetheart this she said,


I agree with Commitment, I add


Acceptance is not a word I’d have used or thought 20 years ago, yet it was totally important in my first 61-year relationship. Without it my first wife would have left me, because I was traveling so much. She accepted the aloneness as part of our commitment to being servants of the Spirit. I accepted the Spirits use of me, even though I was lonely every night, away from her. I courted her constantly, enjoyed the happiness and love we shared.  Her last words, the only ones she uttered each of the last two days,

“I love you, thank you.”  

Made it totally worth the effort.

Acceptance was very personal in the first months of life with my beloved third, present Sweetheart. My second wonderful relationship ended in widowhood. I was tired and lonely when “Henn” and I came together. She took my loneliness away as I did hers. She is proud, impatient, needed acceptance as she is. We needed months together to reach total Acceptance of each other.  We achieved it and are free of the past.

As you Reconfigure your life and start over, give and receive . . .Acceptance.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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