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Blog # 488 …3/31/2019

What Does Love Feel Like? #2

Did you think of this??

How often in the past three days, have you felt very proud?  What did you do that made you feel so satisfied with yourself?  Was it about your advancement, your future?

Was it because of some other person?  Something they did for you?  Think carefully about this, your answers to these questions.

Did you feel so satisfied with yourself because you did something for someone else?  Did you smile while doing it and make them smile, too?

“Dad” was proud enough to be humble. Proud enough of himself, that he would help someone else to get out of the mud, stand straight and be successful, without ever asking something in return. He taught me pride and humbleness with this mantra;

“When I do my best, I am better than most  and equal to the rest, but somewhere there is someone better than me.“

He never forgot . . . . “somewhere there is someone better than me.”  This kept him humble. His life was built on Pride and Humility.

Believing, feeling, knowing this to be true, means that you are able to love others. Humility and Love are two keys to a long happy male, female relationship, because you are always helping and thinking of the other.

What are the other two keys?

Nuff Said !!! 

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