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Blog # 487 …3/24/2019

What Does Love Feel Like? #1

What do we feel with Love ???

We are at peace, comfortable with our self and the person we are with. We enjoy being with and doing things with that person. We want them to enjoy being with us, doing things with us. We tell them this in our smile, our tone of voice, and when we listen and really hear what they say. They tell us they feel and enjoy us in their smile, tone of voice, the way they listen to us.

This is the act of showing respect for each other, respect that flows between us. Respect that causes us to not see our differences in accent, skin  color, clothing style, ideas. This respect is non-judgemental, it is very forgetful; forgetful of past experiences that were not happy and kind. With This Respect we share ideas and learn from each other, we see things through their eyes, we see their perceptions and they see ours.  

It is a fact that what we perceive as an uncomfortable, straight back, wooden chair, others perceive to be leather covered and comfortable. When we mentally switch chairs we are able to teach and talk with each other and design a leather recliner that is comfortable for both of us.

This is what good relationships are. When they develop between female and male brain humans, both become Happy and have fun helping each to reach their own goals.

Do you have this now?  Would you like this with a partner?

What three things must both achieve to make this possible? Be ready with your answer when we talk again.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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