“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

-Hermann Hesse

Blog # 492 …5/12/2019

We Waited In The Lobby…

We waited in the lobby to meet a surgeon who specialized in knee repair and replacement. We were there on the recommendation of another specialist we like and trust, who repaired my wife’s shoulder. We were at ease and looking forward to learning how Amy’s pain might be eliminated.

The door opened

“Amy, you’re next.”

When the door closed behind us, this person introduced herself. She was the Surgeon, not an assistant. As she shook my hand, an overwhelming negative feeling filled me. Her hand felt like a dead fish does when you lift it out of a cold lake. At the end of a 20-minute examination and discussion, we walked to the car.

“That person is never going to work on my knee!”

“I agree. When did you make that decision?”

“By the time we reached the examining room… I felt I was just another project to her, not someone she could care about.”


We were making a buying decision. The knee specialist was selling. Our trusted shoulder specialist was marketing the services of the knee specialist. The sale was lost because of a negative perception of a difference that formed in our minds without our conscious knowledge or control.

That is the power of The Perception Of A Difference ( POD).

It makes your dreams come true and enables you to make a difference by making the dreams of others come true.

Your POD broadcasts your attitude in real time and you cannot control it, prevent it from doing this. When you attempt to “Fake it”, that is also clearly visible to others. They will have an uneasy feeling; when I have this I say, ‘my liver is quivering’.

There are many other qualities we broadcast. So many that I will discuss them after you have had time to think about this.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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