“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison




414 …10/29/2017

Tough Butter Pickle Opening

We like butter pickle “chips”. We found a one gallon plastic bottle of them in a store that sells to restaurants at a price we could not pass up, $ 4.99. Getting the bottle open was so difficult we wished we had never brought them home.

We both have strong arms, and large hands, the bottle was refrigerator cold, so condensation moisture made it slippery.  We wrapped it in a towel, she held the bottle firmly, I gripped the red plastic top… with one hand nothing happened, two hands did not help.

We tipped it upside down and beat the top edges on the granite counter.  This has always worked in the past.  She got a hammer and beat the top to loosen it.  She gave me a screwdriver, the flat tip was the perfect size, I worked with it to loosen the plastic top, worked my way the whole way around it. . .  then proceeded to pry it off, pieces flew across the room, she held the bottle, I gripped the top with two hands. . .It screwed off, only to reveal a plastic seal which she opened with her teeth.

After resting for five minutes, they tasted good, we earned the right to eat them.

Is your product this difficult to use?

Put yourself in your customer’s position then try to understand what you have written. . .

Nuff Said !!!

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