“The wise man must be wise before, not after.”

– Epicharmus


Tolerance vs Acceptance

#3 in Series

Got you thinking, didn’t we?

I must tell you, I did not come up with this discussion on my own. It was prompted by the Spirit, while I watched a news program.  The clip and discussion showed a woman who is now bringing together, successive groups of under five kids, to teach them tolerance

As I watched, the voice noted, the kids were purposely of different skin color, ethnicity and economic situations. A mixture of rich and poor, black, brown, yellow, “white”.

“White” because DNA research proves there is no pure white human in existence.  The human race began in sunny Africa with dark skin to protect us from damaging sun exposure. Too much vitamin D, which human skin creates, is very detrimental to human health. We humans developed different skin colors to regulate the amount of vitamin D in our bodies. Our geographic location triggered it. The human race is the only race in existence.

Tolerance was what stuck out in my mind.

The person doing this very good work, is a quite dark colored woman, wearing her age very well.  Wisdom is acquired with experience. She has been tolerated, and has tolerated all her life. She has felt tolerance of her skin color, her gender (men tolerate women) her lower pay for the same work as the man next to her on the assembly line. When she earned a teaching degree, she tolerated an assignment to a poor school with hand me down textbooks, and, and, and . . . This experience has given her the WISDOM to teach tolerance, and how to tolerate.


 Why don’t we teach these same kids Acceptance?

How do we teach acceptance?

What experience is necessary to be able to teach acceptance successfully?

Think about these questions, please.  I find myself thinking and realizing these questions are not as easy to answer as the ones on tolerance.

Nuff Said !!! 

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