“I take a simple view of living.  It is keep your eyes open  and get on with it.”

– Laurence Olivier


The Sound of Her Breathing. . .

We cannot exist alone.  We can live alone, however it is always lonely.

We were together.  For 62+ years we were together in a way that was always worth the effort, always supporting even when we were physically apart. It was that way a week after we first saw each other.  We slept in the same room, me on the floor, she in the bed after her parents gave her the choice of life with me, without them or… 

The sound of her Breathing . . .  I missed it in the months when we lived apart, getting ready for togetherness for the rest of our lives. When we slept together, the feel of each other’s body, the warmth. . .

I missed it, LOTS on my many trips, yet I always heard the sound of her breathing.

This is the difference between living alone and Living! ! !

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Nuff Said !!! 

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