“Hardships often prepare ordinary people, for an extraordinary destiny.”

-C.S. Lewis

Blog # 499 …6/30/2019

The Angels Among Us Really Are…

58th Day of Total Dependence

There are angels among us.  We only need to open our minds to see them.

If you have been or now are part of a theology “faith”, your mental image of an angel is a human form with wings and special powers.  Some to protect, some to heal, some to help us to love, as we “endure” this period in our eternity.  This winged human binds us to the angels all around us.

Angels actually exist – yes, they do in several forms:

With wings, which they can fold and hide.  They have what we humans call “supernatural powers.  We humans, of course, define “supernatural” as anything we can’t explain or do ourselves.

Angels in human form, who are appointed by the Council of Twelve (very old souls).  Definitely “supernatural”.

Angels in human form are also old souls who have knowingly put themselves in the hands of the Spirit, serving as the Spirit’s tool in answering the prayers of fellow humans.  At some point they either ask to be Angels in human form or are appointed.   I know a young woman who made this request early in her “life”.  She was a wonderful soul. 

Angels in human form seem “natural”; however, they emanate positive energy, sometimes visible as an aura. These are the wonderful humans who give back and make this time in this “earthly” plane of existence better for humans in need.  They do things many of us find distasteful.  They are nurses, nurses’ aides who clean up when we haven’t been able to ask for a bed pan in time.  These wonderful people, therapists, caregivers, EMT’s, physicians, surgeons do all sorts of work their fellow humans are too weak, to insecure, too arrogant to do.  “Natural” angels feel this is their “calling”, their career during this period of their eternity.  They have no “supernatural” powers.  They are, like the other angels, happy, fulfilled humans. 

They are happy when they make us feel better.  They glow when a patient gets “well” and returns to living a useful life.  They are happy, fulfilled souls.  Often, they are under rewarded by society.  They are proud of who they are and what they can do.

These are the angels who are bringing my lady, Glenna, through a rough, painful path.  She is an angel in human form, also.

Look around you now!  They do not think “I”, “What’s in it for me?”, “I’m better, smarter…”.  They are always humble, listening, caring whether “rich” or “poor”.  They are fun to be with.  They have your back.

Are you an angel?

You can be…. I’ve just told you how.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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