“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”

– Attributed to Catherine the Great



Take Time To Be Proud and Humble #17

This Life Isn’t Yours To Waste

“I am better than most and equal to the rest, but somewhere there is someone better than me.” 

This was “Dad’s” daily mantra.  He taught me to say, feel, know it’s meaning, which is:

Decide who you are, what is “Right”, for you and other living beings, now and till the end of time. Live this to the best of your ability, be proud and happy as you apply it in every relationship, every promise, every life experience. Life is wonderfully happy and satisfying when you see no lines separating “business“, “love”, “parenting”, “part time”, “full time” relationships and activities.

You will not be perfect in executing this, you’ll fail because none of us are perfect, none of us control what others do, that will prevent our always delivering on promises, hence,

            “Somewhere there is someone better than me.”

As you keep trying, a record is kept in the hearts, minds of countless humans.

After 15 years working with wonderful people, helping all to succeed, I resigned. My assistant for most of those years, asked if I was open to a farewell luncheon.                        

‘Yes’, with the nine wonderful people that have been close.                   

At the hotel, I did not notice there was only one parking space in front of the main entrance.

            “Second door on the right, sir.”

In the ballroom, 90+ rose clapping.  I stood, cried, someone gave me a handkerchief. . . .

It was humbling. . .

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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