“The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him.”

– Stanislaw J. Lec



Take Time To Be Positive . . . Negative Corrodes Your Connections

When you think you are unloved, your connection to someone who wants to give love, starts to corrode.

When your inner sense of inferiority makes you think you are best and no one else is as good as you, your connection to everyone who can help you be your best corrodes quickly.

When you put someone down it feels good for a minute, then corrosion prevents you from connecting with humility, which heals all your hurts.

You are better than most and equal to the rest only so long as you are humble enough to accept that somewhere there is someone better than you and that is OK.

Pause, thank the one God for life this day. Ask for humanity, humility, in everything you do. God gives you what you give.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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