“Speak to make yourself happy, don’t speak to impress others.”

– Unknown





Take Time To Help A Stranger Smile #8

This Life isn’t yours to waste!

First, reset your system to Give Love, we are hardwired to be Happy when we are giving, not receiving.

Giving Love requires that you are fully charged with love. 

Love is positive energy. 

Keep your love charge high by giving a stranger a reason to smile.  

It is easy, there are many ways to do it;

            Smile and say “Have a good day” to the next stranger you see.

Another driver wants the parking space you want, wave them in.

            Hold the door open for the folks immediately behind you.

            Smile & say “Please & Thank you” at the Starbucks drive thru window.

            Smile while you answer the phone, the caller will hear it,

                        Yes, I hear you smiling or frowning,    

Do this all day, repeat next day, and next for two weeks, then stop and think about the last two weeks . . .

Things went well, right?

Now you know why ! !

Thank The Spirit . . . .

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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