“Don’t take life too seriously.  You’ll never get out of it alive.”

– Unknown





Take Time To Enjoy This Life…Reset Your Mind #6

Reset your mind & enjoy accomplishing much more.

True story!

My team did comparative research on competitor products, strengths/weaknesses to ours, for the enlightenment of our sales people. The work could be tedious; they were falling farther behind every day, while arriving at 7:00 am, eating at their desks, skipping breaks, leaving as late as seven pm.  I’d been in charge for 3+ months, observing.

One a Monday morning I called a team meeting.

       Effective today all of us will;

Will be at our desks at 8:00 am, no earlier.

Break 15 min at 10, lunch promptly at 12 for one hour

Break 15 min at 2, leave the building at 5 pm.

Breaks and lunch must not be with a teammate.  Be alone, taking a walk outside, alone or with a person from another department.

Failure to follow this schedule will result in reassignment, or layoff.

Productivity jumped 25+%, the sales team, our customers, landed more sales, everyone wore smiles, I gave every team member a raise plus cost of living at year end.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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