“Do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing, and you’ll never be criticized.”

– Unknown





Take Time To Enjoy This Life … Love #7

This Life isn’t yours to waste!

First, reset your system to Give Love.  We are hardwired to be Happy when we are giving, not receiving. 

Giving Love requires that you are fully charged with love.

Love is positive energy. 

The batteries in your car and cell phone are charged with positive energy.  When the positive charge is depleted, everything connected stops.  Then you are sad, unhappy, depressed, no fun to be with.  

The positive energy needed to recharge our battery is all around us. To recharge, go to sleep with a notebook and pen next to you. 

When you wake next morning write the date on top of first page then whenever something makes you happy, feels good, write down what it is.  Examples:

            Partner smiles at you with love in their eyes

            Coffee smells great

            Couple holding hands laughing, seeing it, you feel good.

            Drive-in person says “good morning” warmly, with smile.

Do this all day, repeat next day, and next for two weeks, put notebook away for a week, then open and read it…

Read it again, thoughtfully. . .

Ask The Spirit to read it with you. . . .

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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