“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

– Mother Teresa





Take Time To Enjoy This Life – It Isn’t Yours To Waste #3

We are all going about life as though we were killing snakes.

I was brand new at the task of feeding a harvester (threshing machine) at the end of the growing season. Grain had formed seeds on the top of long stems, then dried, cut and   bundled.  Our job; put the bundles on a horse drawn wagon, take to and throw them into the harvester, I was 16 my partner with his wagon, 67, explained. Bundles must be flat on wagon bed, no openings, so that you can walk on them without falling into the load when you unload into the harvester.

This required that you work slowly, as the load built up to 7 feet high. Take time, do it right, enjoy the day, the smell of the grain, the pheasants calling. Yes, it was hot enough to sweat, the bundles were heavy at the end of a three-tine pitchfork, but when you unloaded one at a time into the harvester, grain ends go in first, it was satisfying, You were doing a good work.

I fell asleep standing up on the wagon, after dark, the horses knew the way to their home, and my motorcycle. The night silence was beautiful, next morning I enjoyed the scents, going to another day pitching bundles.

Today I treasure the memories, and the lesson. . .

Take Time To Enjoy This Life, It isn’t yours to waste! ! ! 

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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