“Never mind tomorrow.  TODAY is the day.”

– Unknown





Take Time To Enjoy This Life… INC Conference #4

At an INC, Grow Your Company Conference, I was in a 200+ audience of Business owners who had spent $2,500 and given up five days to learn how to grow their sales and strengthen their teams. The speaker dressed in black, felt hat to shoes, walked to center stage, stood straight, arms, hands, tight to his legs, spoke 45 minutes and walked off.

There was silence . . .  we were thinking…

            “What did he say? What was his message?”

He talked so fast, monotone, not visibly taking a breath, no one had been able to process what he said.

At Gettysburg Lincoln slowly said, ”Four score and seven years ago…”

How fast do you talk presenting? In your videos?

We watch a TV weatherman every evening.  He’s the only weather show we understand and learn from. He talks at  approximately 65 wpm, the rest talk at 90+ words a minute. Trained, they practice this pace. It leaves time for commercials. We don’t watch them.

The red book on www.7one.com has a chapter “The Art Of Slowness”. It is a Gem, worth the price of the book.  It will triple your sales.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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