“Among these things but one thing seems certain – that nothing certain exists, and that nothing is more pitiable or more presumptuous than man.”

– Pliny the Elder




Take Time To Enjoy This Life … Humbly #14

This Life isn’t yours to waste!

Society today measures everything in money, Dad said work happiness is key; doing your best made that possible.  The Spirit said help others while working. 

Work titles

In each of these titles, my family and I lived well while helping others.


Private First Class

Shipping Clerk

Owner, 5 had steady jobs

Time & Motion Study Engineer

Time Study Engineer

Factory General Manager (in responsibility, not officially). .

Sales Representative; Every sale gave others jobs

Branch Manager (Rockford & Indianapolis)


Manager Competitive/Competitor Analysis




Founder and CEO

I met The Spirit when I was movie projectionist, found myself listening to, given words to help others, as I grew personally. The others were peers, my supervisors, our customer people, at all levels of authority in their organizations, in many cultures. Teams I worked with were almost always successful. It was humbling, fun, deeply satisfying.  

 I pray you have the same.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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