“Charity looks at the need and not at the cause.”

– German Proverb





Take Time To Enjoy This Life … Do Your Best #10

This Life isn’t yours to waste!

Dad said many times, “Your Best is all that matters. You can never do more than your own best.  Do not be concerned about someone else’s best, your best at every task you do is all that counts. Your best is 100% for each different thing you do.”

Stanley could play the piano very, very well when we were in first grade together, I could not play the scales.  I could create stories, he was poor at this.  For each of us it was our best at a specific task; 100% for each of us. 

We come into this life with special gifts which we are to use for the good of someone else. The Spirit guides us into the place our gifts can help others the most, but only when we make our best effort to do our best at everything we do.

The rule of happiness is simple; do not do anything HALF ASS ! ! !

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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