“You will always live happy if you live with heart.”

– Unknown



Take Time To Enjoy This Life . . . Ask Why We Punish #15

This Life isn’t yours to waste!

A teen who has never known love, listens to adults ranting that Jews, or Muslims, or Mexicans or black skinned people are bad, must be killed, believes that message. The teen wants respect, love, a sense of worth as a human. First, this human lays out a plan that may fill this want. When the plan looks feasible it builds ego, acquiring a weapon reinforces it. When the killing is over the teen is given the same sentence a serial killer of individuals receives.

The serial killer often began as a teen who had never known love, praise, respect, all that he needed to have a sense of worth.

I taught a class to young men in prison. I did my best to build confidence, as I taught them the practical skills to hold a job when they were released. They had great difficulty accepting this because the guards treated them as ignorant, useless, less than human.

How do I know this? Because of the way they treated me, when I signed in to do my work. They did not do it purposely of course, they did it because it was a habit, a habit, they did not like …

Take time to think about this. . .

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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