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359 …10/9/2016

A Surgeon Educates and Earns Trust

When my Glenna had developed a troubling symptom, we sought to learn the cause.  She was unable to control her legs after standing still for three minutes and walking farther than 100 feet…

The first step was an x-ray of her back, not her legs as you might imagine.  This led to an MRI of the area from her middle back to tailbone.  The back surgeon gave us an hour education. 

His tools were three times larger than a real model of a human spine, complete with vertebra, discs, spinal cord and nerves emanating from there to many parts of the body; including upper and lower leg muscles.  His second tool was a computer screen which displayed the MRI results, slice by slice.

With these tools, he educated us on how the spine works, where calcium deposits had built up in her spine and by putting pressure on nerves had caused her symptoms.  He also explained that his surgery would remove the deposits, safely.

The important, wonderful part of this was the way he did it.

His tone of voice and body language was always respectful and equally intelligent as he.  He enunciated his words clearly.  He was never in a hurry or condescendingly slow.  He earned our complete trust and confidence.  Surgery was scheduled.

Buying and selling are educational processes.  We were buying, he was selling.  The three of us agreed to proceed because we liked and trusted each other.

Nuff Said !!!

Wes Zimmerman
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©Wesley W. Zimmerman 10/9/2016

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