“Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


407 …9/10/2017

Showing Disrespect Is Discourteous and Dangerous

Several years ago. I blogged about the young man who shot/killed another young man because:                                

            “He disrespected me.”

I felt his reaction was a tad extreme and always wondered how the dead young man had shown his lack of respect.  I’ve been bothered ever since and very watchful of my words and actions with others, lest I pass sooner than I want to.

I’m disrespected every day with body language, tone of voice, even glances and frowns. I observe that most of us are disrespectful without intending to be and we do it with everyone from casual acquaintances to our most treasured others. The most frequent way of showing disrespect is something we all, me included, do all the time. We open our mouth and speak while another person is talking.  I’ve done it at least three times this morning with my beloved partner.

 Why do we interrupt?

We interrupt because we are not listening, or we think we know what the person is going to say and are impatient to give our opinion on the subject.  We jump in when the person stops to breathe, which is why we put commas, in written thoughts.

Yes, a comma goes where you would normally pause to breathe, or swallow, or think about what you are going to say next, if you were saying the words out loud. This is the real reason the rules of punctuation were developed, (sorry, M Kelly, my composition teacher). Listening to the other person’s complete thought, helps you to know if your idea is really worth disclosing.

Disrespecting by interrupting, has killed more sales, destroyed more jobs, made more tips smaller, damaged more romantic evenings, than any other weapon known.

Nuff Said !!!

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