“The lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the modern world.”

– Robert Penn Warren





Selling is Not…

# 1 in Series

  • Convincing a person
  • Manipulating them with fast talk, endlessly asking questions, repeating the same things with new words and never stopping the stream of words until the prospect either…
    • clicks the off button
    • turns and walks away
    • or says “Yes”

Forty years ago, when a study of careers was made, one question asked you to rank jobs that you would like your children to work in…

Being a sales person was 49th with 1 being most desirable.

Dad and I did not sell this way.  Dad sold washers and dryers, house heating/cooling heat pump systems and freezers with 2,500 sq. ft. of floor area.

I sold beeswax candles, then Fuller brushes, then business systems and $1,000,000 computers and after that, to help others, my experience; did this as a consultant/coach.

Dad & I knew that buying and selling are both Educational Processes.

We consistently landed sales during the first face-to-face visit and if not, then during the second one.

We never “closed” a sale.

We always “opened” a relationship, a respectful friendship.  Our opening rate/ratio was 50% minimum.


Nuff Said !!! 

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