“There are two cardinal sins from which all the others spring: impatience and laziness.”

– Franz Kafka





Sales is a Numbers Game

# 4 in Series

Invest time. Assume the buyer’s schedule limit is 45 minutes of active teaching & learning in one session including common courtesies.

This is the definition of a Sales Call in the modern world, for planning purposes. By mutual consent this time will be extended. For our purposes today, however, we ask you when and how many times your product requires a longer time and why it benefits the Buyer (me). Write this down.

First it is essential that you know how long a productive Sales call must be must be for your product.

Second you must know (learn) how many calls are needed to educate your prospect sufficiently, for both of you to know your product will not meet their needs.

Third you must know (learn) how many hours per week your prospects will be available to talk with YOU.

Fourth, estimate how much your typical customer will buy each year?

With these numbers you can compute your maximum revenue per year for any product, at its fair price, in any market.  Per individual competent Sales Person.

Now do the math.

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Nuff Said !!! 

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