“Talk is free but the wise man chooses when to spend his words.”

– Neil Gaiman



People Who’ve Made A Difference In My Life

Next time you are patting your back about your accomplishments, stop and think about the folks that played a role in each of them. You did not achieve any of them without help.  These are some that have made a difference in my life:

Barbara Luther:  Listened when I needed it, gave freely of her experience in Law, patents, trademarks, copyrights, marketing ideas, most important, she respected me and accepted my respect of her.

Marti McCabe: Listened, shared her wisdom, her integrity, gritty insistence on doing what is fair and honest “even when it costs all the dollars you have invested in a business”. Loving supportive mother, grandmother, friend. She helped me . . .

Suzanne Serlin: Listened, shared, supported at a time when I needed it more than she could know. 

Marni Pingree: She is an example of loving and supporting a partner when it is needed most while building a business that helps others to a healthy and happy living. Her respect strengthens me as I work to help others.

Make your own list, it is a humbling task when you are feeling too proud.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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