“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

-Robert H. Schuller

Blog # 495 …6/2/2019

Peace & Joy; 62+ Years Together

The Secret

She was the tall girl in the long red coat. I was her first boyfriend, first one to ask her for a kiss. We both knew it was forever,we both walked with and knew The Spirit.  Now, a week before the head-on crash that would test and affirm it all, we talked about our togetherness.

We made THE decision that became the Secret to Peace and Joy for the rest of our years together.

The result was interesting…

I was a contributor to the success of a large corporation’s marketing team. On a morning that seemed the same as many others, the entire team came into my cubical office.

“Wes, we want to know who we is. You constantly refer to we think, we have been. . . we this and we that; WHO IS WE ???

“Because none of us cannot do anything successfully alone, we is: me, myself and everyone else working together.  I did not know that my thinking we, has become habit and crept into my speech.”

“That explains why you never use “I”.”

“Thank you for explaining it.”

Had this contributed to me becoming the top producer in sales, “managing” the highest producing Computer Sales Branch in the corporation?

My Dad taught me to always think about what was best for the client/customer and never give them less. He became known as the person who could sell you the shirt on your back and you would pay a premium for the privilege.

I chose the Marketing position because it would enable me to teach this to the entire sales force. Maybe now we knew why it worked.

Amy and I knew Peace and Joy in our community work. We received many honors, always were elected to the highest position in every group we were in, always practiced Dad’s teaching.

In our quiet talk that day in the beginning we made a simple decision . . . .

We would banish I, me, you, yours, mine from our vocabulary, always using we, us, our, ours as long as we lived.

WE DID, successfully.

That is . . . The Secret.

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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