“We are born to have fun and laugh.  Sustainable happiness comes from making others happy.”

– Anonymous





Love’s Power Resets Our Human Lives

We last had dinner with this lady some seven months ago.  She was then the prim, proper, late sixties widow in dress, attitude, action, conversation, appearance, introducing us to an opinionated, single man of similar age, who wanted a partner to share His life.

I have known her for at least ten years, her invitation was instantly accepted and looked forward to. We did not discuss her or anything about this evening with her; we knew we would enjoy it.

We were greeted by a lady 20 years younger, in dress, attitude, action, conversation and appearance. A single man, 20 years younger, in dress, attitude, action, conversation and appearance, than his chronological age, introduced himself. It was a wonderful experience. Privately he said,

“She wants your thoughts about me, us, together.  I love her, want to spend the rest of life with her, will not push myself on her.”

“She has changed my life.”

 At the end of the evening it was obvious Love had reset their clocks, their lives, they are having fun, sharing every minute together. My sweetheart and I are living the same experience at 89 and 91. We wish it to you, also. Do not underestimate…

            …The Power Of Love.

Nuff Said !!! 

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