“Do not wait; the time will be ‘just right’.  Start where you stand.”

– George Herbert


406 …9/3/2017

A Life Long Romance

“WHAD” # 5 in Series

Christmas was a quiet time for us. There were only two children, the son we brought with us and the daughter who had come in Amy’s womb. We planned to attend the Christmas Eve service at one of the two churches in town.  I had planned carefully, all four of us were in the car when I “remembered” something and went back into the house.  I got the watch and placed it in the Christmas tree branches at the height that she would see it looking at a new ornament I had “lost” when we were decorating the tree.  The tree light glistened off it and the ornament. 

It took me very little time and off we went to church.

I helped put the kids to bed, then sat in my usual chair by the tree.  Amy came, walked around it as she came upon the watch, the look on her face is still clear.  We cried together.  I told her the story of WHAD and showed her the card.

The watch was made by the Elgin Watch Company in Elgin Illinois, 18 k solid gold case, same with the cord fittings, it embodied her unique elegance, she treasured it to her passing, I still have it.

I have continued the work of the spirit that we did together, and recently applied WHAD to the key times in our life together I have written about.  Working with other individuals as we did and I do now, it is obvious that formal agreements, legal documents, etc. are meaningless in our time, in this portion of our eternity. Here and in the other lives we all have, the only thing that matters is our personal integrity.  Either you and the other person have made a commitment or not; if each of you have been honest with yourself, it is W H A D. 

Think about this in the coming week.

How many WHADs have you had?

How many collapsed?  Why?                     

Which person was honest?

You are in this plane, this time, this life, to learn a lesson. It isn’t about honesty, it is about love, its power and universal application. Honesty is easy, it is the application of love; the positive force that permeates the universe.

If you have said W.H.A.D. with the negative force in the Universe, you will get to live here again.

Nuff Said !!!

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