“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.  If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

– Oprah Winfrey


405 …8/27/2017

A Life Long Romance

“WHAD” # 4 in Series

We lived in a small Indiana town where I had been silently elected General Manager of a manufacturing factory. The workforce of 127 men and women did the electing after they had helped me to become a leader.  They educated me in the difference between managing and leading. We had become friends with one and his wife; now we were enjoying an off day together in Fort Wayne.

Our wives led the way down the main street, visiting shop after shop.  We entered the most prestigious jewelry store in the city.  Bill and his wife were first, followed by Amy and me. A white-haired gentleman greeted us at the door and suggested we walk around the display cases. He took each item the women were interested in, out of the case and put it in their hands to examine. Then…

            “Wes, it’s my watch.”

As the white-haired gentleman took it out of the case, put it on her wrist, then slowly adjusted the black cord band to fit her perfectly, I made a decision and said this…

“Sweetheart, it is expensive, I would have to work out a time payment plan with the store, no money down, they don’t know me…

I want you to have it, it is perfect for you, please give me time to see if I can work it out.  I can come back another day and set it up.”

“Please try, honey. You can surprise me for a special day.”

I knew the white-haired gentleman was listening as he showed Bill and his wife other items.  We had looked at all the display cases and now were back at the entrance. As Amy stepped out, the gentleman thanked us and shook my hand… he left something in my hand which I immediately put in my pants pocket. When I was able to retrieve and look at it, without any of the others seeing …

It was his business card with four letters written clearly on the back.

            W H A D

I knew what they said, smiled and felt very good.  Amy, Bill, his wife never knew.

            We Have A Deal

The next week I sent a small check and thanked him, his answer came, hand addressed, to my office.

It was eight months before I drove back, met and thanked him.

            “You were listening.”

            “Yes, and trying to think of a way to tell you the watch was yours, in silence.”

Was he a professional?

Did the fact that he was one of the store owners make a difference to me?

I courted Amy all the days we were together, I showed her that I respected and treasured her as she treasured me.

Go Thou and Do Likewise with Your Partner!!!

Next time I will tell you how I chose to give it to her, romantically.

Nuff Said !!!

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