“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.”

– Ingrid Bergman


404 …8/20/2017

A Life Long Romance

“WHAD” # 3 in Series

The Harley was chugging in third/high gear at 35 mph. It was as slow as it would go with Amy behind me and her bags in the package sidecar I used in my painting business. It was four weeks since our conversation and mutual acceptance of each other, in the sheep pasture. There was no traffic to speak of on the two-lane paved country highway.  The pair of headlights swung over to my lane just as Amy and I entered the bridge with its three-foot-high concrete railing.

I still feel the sensations of being rolled and dragged under the car. The driver was too drunk to put the brake on hard. I knew I was supporting the weight of the car totally, was on my left side, the car creaked as it settled. 

I thought or said aloud;

            “If this is my time, please take care of Amy, Lord.”

I came to with the car gone, Amy sitting next to me. People were talking…

“There are some canvas drop clothes in the sidecar, cover us with them so we have less chance of shock.”

I woke up on a hard metal table, the doctor was cutting my clothes off me, I had this terrible pain in my testicular area, tried to get him to look at them, when he did…  Three days later I woke up in a hospital bed.

Some weeks later I lay in casts as Amy washed me. I knew she hoped to have five children and had to tell her…

“The doctors say I have less than 50% chance of having children.  You can still walk away.”

“No, never, we are in this together.”

Shortly after this we talked and decided together that we would no longer use the words, Me, Mine, Yours, I; it would always be We, Us, Ours.

It became came a habit, with amusing consequences in our separate work places.

Do you think it contributed to our 62 ½ year romance?

Did it affect our success in our individual careers?

No! We were both, very successful, and loved by our peers.

How about our four children as they grew up?

They are wonderful people, successful, loved by us and their peers.

We lived a 62 ½ year romance, with love, passion, happiness.

I dare you to try it with your partner, or to make the same agreement as you choose a new partner and begin over in romance and happiness.

I dare you because I know that We, Us, Ours, thought, spoken all the time, creates joy, togetherness, and overcomes life’s unplanned challenges.

Nuff Said !!!

Wes Zimmerman
Leader in the production of Reconfigureyourlife.com
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©Wesley W. Zimmerman 8/20/2017

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