“There are two great days in a person’s life — the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

– William Barclay


403 …8/13/2017

A Life Long Romance

“WHAD” # 2 in Series

We had escaped from college to the farm I had grown up on, for spring break. It was six weeks since she and I had met and the first time her meeting my family.  My parents and sister liked her and she them.

The trip from Naperville, 50 miles west of Chicago, which should have been an easy 535 miles on the Harley Davidson “74”, had been quite eventful.  Beginning on dry highway, then rutted frozen snow and black ice, going down on the case guards, picking up the bike, then repeating this for dozens of times. We left the Harley in the Madison, Wisconsin station and took the train to Paynesville, Minnesota.

Mother had asked me to cut brush growing in the pasture so the sheep would have easier grazing. On this, the third morning, I joined Dad in the living room,

            “Dad, I’m thinking of asking Amy to marry me.”

            “You’d be a damn fool if you didn’t.”

She brought me coffee and a sandwich at mid-morning.  We sat cross-legged in the grass. I had a mug of coffee in one hand, sandwich in the other…

            “Will you marry me?


            “I’m only going to ask you one more time. Will you marry me?


            “I am not exactly a virgin so if that bothers you, I withdraw my request.”

            “It isn’t a problem; I love you…”

To put this in perspective: 

We had known each other for only six weeks, she was 19, I was 22, we knew nothing of each other’s past other than I had served in the Army Air Corp. Now we had made the decision to spend our lives together.

This was a time when sex before legal marriage was a sin, in capital letters, in some states it was a crime, and for most people, consensual had not been invented yet. You bought condoms whispering to the Pharmacist, or from a coin operated dispenser in tavern restrooms. Considering this,

What message did I convey to the lady?

What did she convey to me?

      Would you do the same today?

We were together for 62 ½ years, did this have something to do with our happiness and romance all that time?

Nuff Said !!!

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