“Thinking is like loving or dying.  Each of us must do it for ourselves.”

– Josiah Royce




402 …8/6/2017

A Life Long Romance

“WHAD” # 1 in Series

We had known each other three weeks, now we walked from her college dormitory, in softly falling March snow. The flakes were large, spaced widely, drifting down in the streetlamp light.  It was romantic as could be, we held hands and walked in silent contentment looking at lighted window displays of the closed shops…

            “Look at this beautiful watch, it would fit my wrist perfectly.”

It was small, rectangular, the lens was like a roof, with the peak running the long way, across your arm when you wore it, gold with black delicate cords instead of a band.  It was the perfect watch for her.

            “Someday I’ll get it for you…”

She squeezed my hand.  I never forgot that romantic walk.

I did not know the role the watch would play in our future, I knew deep down, that we would be together for a lifetime; I knew she felt the same way though she had said nothing to that effect.

What do you think was significant in this true story?

Nuff Said !!!

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