“There are two kinds of worries – those you can do something about and those you can’t.  Don’t spend time on the latter.”

– Duke Ellington





A Lie Defined In Simple Terms

A lie can be defined in several ways;

A falsehood;

A statement presented as fact when it is not a verifiable fact.        

My father (Dad) gave me the definition that is always correct;

         The truth as you know it now.  It may change tomorrow if the facts known to me change by tomorrow.

Dad also said,

If the truth will hurt someone, do not say anything, but if you must speak, speak the truth as you know it now, because a lie will always hurt someone, usually you first.

Telling the truth as you know it now, without embellishment, makes it clearly, easily understood and means you do not need a good memory.     

Last week’s Blog is a perfect example of how a lie hurts others.

Great Leaders in history did not lie. 

The only reason people in positions of power in a company, government, seem to be able to lie without suffering from it, is their power is greater than the rest of us in this place, however, when they move, pass on, the next place. . . . .

Nuff Said !!! 

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