“Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

-Charles Louis de Montesquieu

Blog # 504 …8/4/2019

Knock, Knock

When opportunity knocks on your door you must be ready to open it.  Being ready means ready to deliver value on very short notice.

During a speaking engagement in Europe, I’d noticed that my wife and I were given wonderful service wherever we went.  Upon returning, I sent a thank you letter to one Innkeeper.  He wrote back, in German,

“We recognized that you were different; you respected everyone and appreciated us.  In turn, we wanted to make your stay wonderful.”

Pondering this led to development of several presentations about creating a difference with customer care.

One day the mail included information about an Inc. Magazine Grow Your Company Conference.  My associate and business coach decided I should attend.  I would select five presenters from fifteen consultant speakers at the one-day conference.  The first of many that Inc. would put on.

Our cash flow was at low ebb.  After serious discussion, we decided to use the corporation’s last $500 to pay the conference fee.  Travel would come from personal funds.

After attending the first presentation on my list, I concluded that I should apply to be a speaker at future conferences.  I knew I had value to give.  I also assumed the speakers received a fee for presenting.  These assumptions prompted me to apply at the registration desk.

The lady in charge asked me to send more complete information and then a decision would be made on my use in a future conference.  I went to the next presentation on my list; 30 minutes into it I was signaled to come out of the room.  There the lady in charge said,

“Mr. Zimmerman, a speaker with two slots has canceled.  Will you, could you please fill at least one time slot?  The later one is at 4 p.m.”

I looked at my watch – 10:45 a.m.

“I’ll give you an answer in 20 minutes.”

I found a quiet place, thought and prayed for guidance, decided how we would accomplish it.

“My office will fax you black on white copy which you must make into overhead transparencies.  I will select from them to build my presentation.  I’ll take the 4 p.m. slot.”

At 3 p.m. I began my prep, the time limit was 50 minutes.  My overheads were designed for 3 minutes each or less.  I was comfortable when I headed for the presentation room, which, by His grace, was packed.

Two weeks later I had orders from three companies for The Perception of a Difference Program.  I also was booked for two more Inc. conferences.

I was able to take advantage of this opportunity because I was prepared.  It paid off handsomely. Even though I recovered my fee, I had to pay my travel and living expenses to speak at each conference.

You probably miss opportunity’s knock many times as I have but if you are prepared and know what value you are really selling, you can open the door and find yourself in new markets without trying.  For me, that was the birth of The Perception of a Difference presentation which led to the development of The Perception Of A Difference Program™, which has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses to grow.

Knock, Knock!

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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