“The only joy in the world is to begin .”

-Cesare Pavese

Blog # 496 …6/9/2019

I Hear It

The Universe is energy, which humans have named, electrical. This energy exists in negative and positive forms which attract and repel each other.  They exist in units we call atoms, which in turn, form into molecules of every form of matter which we see, feel and taste. All forms of life as we know it are energy, including our bodies, brains and thoughts. The Universe is expanding, constantly changing, energy. In the process, the negative and positive get out of “balance”. This affects everything, our bodies, even our thoughts, which are always either primarily positive or negative.

Our thoughts are energy also. When we think negatively, we exude/send out negative energy that those around us “feel” without our realizing it. This in turn affects their mood, their digestion, their creative productivity.  When they answer the phone their tone of voice is not sincerely friendly. It will turn off a prospect immediately.

A customer will hear and feel Customer “Support” instead of Customer “Care”. Her sense of doing business with a friend is weakened.

Think about this before you dial the phone next time. Think about it before you write the next email. . .  Yes, it will be in the words you type in your email. . .

Years ago, speaking to everyone in a small company for the first time, I said to the receptionist who always answered incoming phone calls,

“Mary, you always smile on the phone.”

Everyone looked at Mary, someone said,

“He’s right, I’ve watched her, she always smiles while talking on the phone”

“How do you know this, since until this moment you have never seen her, or any of us?”

“I hear it every time I call.”

Nuff Said !!! 

Wes Zimmerman

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