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341 …6/5/2016

Humbling, Spiritual, Wonderful

The 44th day…The Series Continues

I have been with my sweetheart, Glenna, throughout her struggles.  We began in Honor Health Shea Scottsdale, AZ on April 3rd.  It is now May 15th.  During the four days she was out of the hospital she had strength to get around.  It was also when she had her first chemo treatment for a cancerous tumor.  At the end of the four days she lost her strength and returned to the hospital.

At the time we came here, 44 days ago, she asked that I protect our privacy in my writing, hence I became Hope and she Lily in previous blogs.  However, this has become such a powerful, spiritual journey we decided to share it with humility in the hope you discover the joy of hope and humility, also.

A bit of background info may help in understanding us.  Growing up on a small farm in Minnesota, I felt a higher power in summer wind and rain and the howling blizzards of winter.  Spring was a time of rebirth for me.  The whole pattern of life was wonderful to me.

I was “aware”.  At age 16 I began to “see” things before they happened.  At 18, I had the experience “on the hill”, alone, about 11:00 p.m.  I knew I would be used in the service of others.  I’ve never been “alone” since.

Glenna had a similar experience much later in “life”.  Both of us have passed (been clinically dead) and returned.  We know what our purpose is and have accepted it with humility for many years.

Our greatest, deepest satisfaction has been when we’ve been given the words and thoughts that truly helped another soul.  We’ve both learned we cannot be useful when we lose humility and we’ve known times of doubt.

We’ve had wonderful happiness together since meeting four plus years ago.  The two years of her pain and physical decline have been a time of testing, individually and together.

Our love, respect, shared connection with the Spirit and our purpose has not weakened.  I feel moved to share with you, this humbling, spiritual, wonderful experience that it may give you hope and realization you are never alone in this period of your eternity.

Nuff Said !!!

Wes Zimmerman
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©Wesley W. Zimmerman 6/5/2016

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