“Kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.”

– Joseph Joubert


393 …6/4/2017

I Grew Older and Older and Older…

# 1 in Series

The day began beautifully, I was full of energy, did my exercises with my sweetheart, noted with pleasure that I had not really needed the walking stick for several days.  This of course meant my muscles and nerves were working and communicating like a healthy man’s.  I felt young and confident.

Then someone made a remark that touched a nerve. 

I felt older.

Then a visitor who I love and loves me arrived,

            “Just to see how you’re doing.”

Somehow, I felt older.

My sweetheart told him she was going to be leaving on a trip to see some relatives and I was not coming along.

            “Why not?”

He says that after close to 2,000,000 miles, he will not fly again.

            “I don’t want him to at his age.”

I want someone to look in on him every day while I’m gone.

            I was now very old and deciding I should never be without the walking stick.

I want him to wear something that calls you or someone when he falls.

            I felt weak, discouraged, not worth having around. I am almost 91.

“I will obtain one and put it on his neck before you get on the plane.”

I did not recover from this for three or more hours, and had no feeling when my age 88 sweetheart said she loved me and went to sleep. I lay praying for a long time. I had all the joy of life and hope for the last years in this part of my eternity, knocked out of me.

This morning I am fine, feel good again, but I have the walking stick at my side as I keyboard this.  I also have a sense of urgency about getting this and the other things I know I must write, finished before I grow too weak.  I also find that my sense of romance with my wife will need a few days, (weeks?), to return. I hope it happens before . . . .

Words, no matter how well intended, have power to destroy!

Nuff Said !!!

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